Long Term Care Planning – Important Information About Your Initial Appointment

Thank you for contacting our office regarding long term care planning. The link on the bottom of this page will take you to our initial intake form. This form allows us to be prepared for your meeting. Please complete the questionnaire as fully as possible and mail it to our office or drop it off with our receptionist. The intake form must be completed and returned prior to your appointment or the appointment time will have to be rescheduled.

During our initial meeting, we’ll discuss any options which may be available for long term care planning and Medicaid eligibility, as well as estate and incapacity planning issues. When your meeting is complete, you’ll know whether there are viable planning options to prepare for Medicaid eligibility and what the estimated fee will be. If you choose to proceed with planning we’ll schedule a second appointment to develop a complete Medicaid plan. The ultimate choice about whether planning is undertaken and which options may be selected belongs to the client and family and should reflect the wishes of the client. Decisions about spending or gifting money, placement options and revisions to Wills and other documents must be made, preferably by the affected client. If the client has become incapacitated, his or her legal representative should make the decision that is consistent with the client’s previously expressed intent.

Medicaid planning always includes a certain amount of risk. This is a complex body of state and federal laws and regulations. Even the most sophisticated planning may be adversely impacted if a change in the law or in the interpretation of a rule is made. We have a strong record of success with the local Medicaid office, however, we cannot guarantee Medicaid approval in every instance. Our goal in developing a plan with you is to do everything possible to ensure that a Medicaid application, if made, will be approved.

The fee for an initial consultation is $275. Payment should be returned with the questionnaire or presented upon arrival for your appointment. The appointment will include review of the client information and the consultation. If you decide to proceed, a flat fee for the Medicaid plan will be determined by your Attorney. The flat fee is exclusive of costs such as copies, express mail, fax charges, postage, etc. Fees are determined by the attorney on the basis of the sophistication of the plan and the value which the client will receive by the planning, in particular, with regard to preservation of assets. The flat fee is comprehensive and will include any changes in estate planning documents which are necessary.

We hope this letter has been helpful in preparing you for the initial consultation. If you have any questions, please write them down so that we can discuss them during our meeting. Our initial meeting normally takes 30-60 minutes. Our Public Benefits Coordinator is an integral part of our long term care team. If you need assistance prior to your appointment, please give us call or send an e-mail. We look forward to meeting you.

Very truly yours,


Your Medicaid Planning Team


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