A Very Happy Birthday Wish for Snooty the Manatee!

By Andrew Boyer

If you’ve spent any extended amount of time in the Bradenton or Sarasota area, you know that Snooty the Manatee is kind of a big deal around here.  And that’s probably well deserved.  Given his status as the oldest living manatee in captivity (possible also holds title as oldest manatee in the world), it’s no wonder it continues to draw a crowd every year for his birthday.  I don’t know of anyone who grew up in Bradenton who doesn’t remember taking the field trip to the South Florida Museum and Aquarium to see Snooty eat the 70-80 lbs of lettuce and other veggies he consumes each day.

So, here’s to a very happy 65th Snooty!

For more on Snooty you can read Age is catching up with Snooty | HeraldTribune.com, though I liked the title of the paper version of the Herald Tribune Article a little better, titled “He’s Easing Into Age 65” talking about his power naps but still waking up for the party.

For the Live Snooty cam go to http://www.southfloridamuseum.org/TheAquarium/SnootyCam.aspx


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