What’s What in Medicaid Planning: Institutional Care Program (ICP)

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So you’re researching Medicaid and Medicaid planning in Florida. Whatever your reasons may be, the process of applying for Medicaid can be stressful based on the uncertainty and the lack of knowledge, let alone the emotional aspect of going into or placing a loved one into a nursing facility.

One of the most popularly searched terms you may find in conjunction with Florida Medicaid is the Institutional Care Program (ICP). So just WHAT is ICP? It’s just one of the various Medicaid programs which specifically helps people in nursing facilities pay for the cost of their care and provides general medical coverage.

As is the case with Medicaid in Florida, eligibility is determined by the Department of Children and Families (DCF). Furthermore, Medicaid can pay for intermediate and skilled care for an unlimited time period if a Medicaid applicant meets the eligibility requirements set by the DCF. Some eligibility requirements include:

  • Applicant must be 65 or older or disabled as determined by Social Security criteria.
  • Be a U.S. citizen or qualified noncitizen.
  • Be a Florida Resident.
  • Be determined to be in need of nursing facility services.
  • Be placed in a nursing home that participates in the Medicaid program.
  • Have assets and income within the program limit.

Additionally, there is an asset limit for an individual which differs from that of a couple. Each applicant has varied assets and incomes which require knowledgeable Medicaid planning strategies. Policies and procedures are always changing and it is very important that you seek advice from a Florida Bar licensed attorney who specializes in Elder Law and is more than “dabbling” in Medicaid.

*The above information is intended for informative purposes only and is not legal advice. For advice on your specific situation, please contact an experienced elder law attorney in your area.


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