Suspect Elder Financial Abuse? Here’s What to Do.

Suspect Elder Financial Abuse? Here’s What to Do.

By admin

Elderly people work their whole lives to be financially secure when they retire. They will rely on that money to carry them through illness and other expenses that come with aging. Sometimes, that money is stolen from them, whether it be from a scam by strangers or from a family member that has gained control… Continue Reading

What is an Emergency Temporary Guardianship?

What is an Emergency Temporary Guardianship?

By admin

In Florida, a guardian is defined as a “person who has been appointed by the court to act on behalf of a ward’s person or property, or both.” A guardian is normally appointed by a court (unless a less restrictive alternative is available) when a judge determines that a ward lacks the capacity to “manage… Continue Reading

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“Free Lunch” isn’t free, so says the SEC

By Andrew Boyer

A 2007 report by the Securities and Exchange Commission reports that some 23% of sales seminars had indications of unsuitable recommendations to purchase investments while some 13% had indications of possible fraudulent practices. So while you can’t say all seminars are bad (some are very informative), it’s a good idea to check out the company… Continue Reading

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